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The Congress in Madhya Pradesh wants disciplinary action against two IAS officers who went to the BJP office for briefing the ruling party leaders about organising the month-long ‘Krishi Mahotsava’ in the State. A party delegation led by PCC chief Arun Yadav submitted a memorandum to Chief Secretary Anthony De Sa and demanded action against Principal Secretary (Agriculture) Rajesh Rajora and Secretary to Chief Minister S K Mishra for violating the Service Conduct Rules. Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Satyadev Katare wanted to know if the two IAS officers would also come to the PCC to brief the Congress leaders.
Arun Yadav also complained to the President of India as well as the Union Ministry of Personnel.
This is not the first time that the serving officers have violated the Service Conduct Rules (mostly when the BJP is the ruling party) but the Congress has never taken up the issue with the seriousness required in such cases. During the BJP-led NDA government of Atal Behari Vajpayee, then Chief of Army Staff V P Malik went to the BJP office in Delhi to brief the party leaders on the border situation. This was a much more serious matter than two IAS officers going to the Bhopal office of BJP but the Congress did not protest.
Manoj shrivastava, once a blue eyed boy of Congress chief minister Digvijaya Singh, endeared himself to the Sangh Parivar leaders and became a prominent member of the unofficial think-tank of the BJP. To please the Parivar, Shrivastava even tried to project late RSS chief M S Golwalkar as a freedom fighter. A piece of “historical research” that appeared in “Madhya Pradesh Sandesh” of January 2010 said: In all, 41 Freedom Fighters were detained in the Seoni jail during different periods. While 40 of them were confined between 1931 and 1945, “Shri Sadashiv Golwalkar (Guruji)” was detained there from January 10, 1949 to June 6, 1949, according to the article. The article gave to Guruji the third place among the “immortal Freedom Fighters”, after only Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Acharya Vinoba Bhave. Ravi Shankar Shukla, H.V.Kamath, Seth Govind Das, M.V.Abhyankar, Kaka Kalelkar, Vamanrao Joshi, Madhav Shri Hari Ane, P.K.Deshmukh and others come only afterwards.
“Madhya Pradesh Sandesh” is the official monthly of the Madhya Pradesh government and Manoj Shrivastava was Commissioner of Public Relations and editor of “Sandesh” at the time. He took keen interest in what should or should not appear in the magazine.
This historical blunder, however, created such a furore (though not by Congress) that the magazine had to carry in the next issue a “correction” stating that the name of then RSS chief Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar (Guruji) was included in the list of eminent freedom fighters “by mistake”.
Then Leader of Opposition in the Assembly (late) Jamuna Devi had complained to the Union Ministry of Personnel against Manoj Shrivastava’s working like a BJP activist rather than an IAS officer. Suresh Pachauri was in charge of the Department of Personnel as Minister of State. Jamuna Devi was hoping that Pachauri would initiate action against Shrivastava but he did not. Had the Union Government even issued a show cause notice to the erring IAS officer, Rajora and Mishra would have thought twice before going to the BJP office in Bhopal.


Rattled by the Congress defeat in the Jabera Assembly by-election in Damoh district, PCC president Kantilal Bhuria said that he had received reports about a senior party leader having sabotaged the party prospects. Not only that, Bhuria also stated that some Congress leaders had for five or six years been working in conjunction with the ruling BJP leaders to further their own interests and jeopardising the interests of the Congress Party. Action, he promised, would be initiated against them.
Jabera was the fourth consecutive defeat of the Congress in Assembly by-elections, three of the seats having been previously held by the Congress leaders of eminence. Kukshi was the traditional seat of Leader of Opposition Jamuna Devi whose death had caused the by-election; Sonkutch had fallen vacant following former minister Sajjan Singh Verma’s election to Lok Sabha. Jabera was previously represented in the Assembly by former minister and important Christian leader Ratnesh Solomon whose sudden death had necessitated the by-election. The Kukshi and Sonkutch by-elections were held, and lost by the Congress, under the stewardship of Suresh Pachauri. Jabera was the first after AICC general secretary and former chief minister Digvijay Singh had got nominated Kantilal Bhuria as the PCC president and Ajay Singh (Rahul Bhaiya) as the Leader of Opposition.
The Congress had fielded Ratnesh’s 26-year-old daughter Tanya Solomon, a medical practitioner. The Congress was hoping to create a sympathy wave but it could not; the party continues to be totally disorganised. It seems the people have not yet re-accepted the leadership of Digvijay Singh on whom they had inflicted a humiliating defeat in 2003; nor has his social engineering of having a tribal as the PCC chief and a Thakur as the Leader of Opposition made any difference.
Tanya polled almost the same number of votes as her father had done in 2008. The Congress leaders can claim little credit for that. It was because Ratnesh Solomon had been active in the area for a long time and enjoyed certain goodwill of the people who transferred their support to his daughter. She received 42,108 votes (out of a total of 1, 23,502 votes polled) while Ratnesh Solomon had received 41,379 (out of 1, 21,723 votes polled). BJP candidate Dashrath Lodhi increased his support base considerably; he received 53,846 as against 39,617 in 2008.
Bhuria has not revealed a secret by stating about the ‘unholy alliance’ between some Congress leaders and BJP leaders but he is the first important party leader to admit it publicly. No one in the party, however, takes him seriously when he says that action will be initiated against those who have been working against the interests of the party. Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s imprint on the working of the Congress party had been much too visible from the day one when Chauhan, after resigning his Lok Sabha membership, contested the Budhni by-election to enter the Assembly. the party leaders in Delhi have been kept posted with the goings-on in the Congress in Madhya Pradesh. Bhuria will have to find first why the Congress High Command had been indulgent all these years.
It is not yet clear how the new dispensation is going to rejuvenate the Congress. Bhuria may be a well meaning person but he has never been known to assert either as party leader or as minister (he still continues to be a member of the Union cabinet). Ajay Singh, the other nominee of Digvijay Singh, is always obsessed with his own importance and lacks perspective. The AICC observers who make their guest appearance whenever something happens, like the recent Jabera debacle, have apparently no knowledge of the conditions on the ground in this sprawling State with divergent cultures and traditions in different regions. Madhya Pradesh for them means Bhopal.
They sit, along with Bhuria and a few others, in a posh hotel and decide who should be the president of the District Congress Committees. Then they get the names endorsed by Sonia Gandhi. In making the selection of DCC presidents, the emphasis is on the caste. The PCC president recently announced the names of 34 DCC presidents (of course, approved by Sonia Gandhi) with the following caste break-up: general 12; backward classes 10; minorities (Muslims and Jains ) 5; ST 4; Sikh, Guajarati and Sindhi one each; they include three women, two from SC and one from general category.
That’s how the Congress is preparing to meet the challenge of the BJP in 2013.

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