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Though there is no word from the Congress High Command as yet, the buzz in Madhya Pradesh is that Jyotiraditya Scindia will be the party’s face in next year’s Assembly elections. Member of Lok Sabha from Guna constituency, Scindia has increased his visits to the State. In the aftermath of the police firing on farmers in Mandsaur district in early June, Scindia held a three-day Satyagraha in Bhopal. Most of the State party leaders, including AICC General Secretary and former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh, attended it. Later Scindia held a one-day demonstration at Khalghat in Khargone district on the farmers’ issue. Veteran Congress leader Kamal Nath, who did not come to Bhopal, attended it there. Scindia has since held several programmes in the State to highlight the travails of the people in the BJP government of Shivraj Singh Chouhan, with main emphasis on the plight of the farmers in the State.

Appearances apart, the disquiet among Congress chieftains of the State at the emergence of Scindia as the possible chief ministerial candidate is much too palpable. Some time back, Kamal Nath had started attacking the Chouhan government with unusual regularity following media reports that he was soon going to be named as the PCC chief in place of Arun Yadav and was going to be the chief ministerial candidate. After Scindia’s name started doing the rounds, Kamal Nath’s belligerency has waned. Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Ajay Singh is not seen in the current (monsoon) session of the Assembly in the same ebullient form which he displayed the last time as the Leader of Opposition. He was himself aspiring to lead the party in the elections.

Digvijaya Singh is a case apart. Once he had seen in Ajay Singh the next Chief Minister. At another time at a party function at Chhindwara, he had favoured Kamal Nath. Chhindwara is Kamal Nath’s Lok Sabha constituency. The only thing that can be said with certainty is that he does not like Scindia, nor, for that matter, did he like Scindia’s father, late Madhavrao Scindia. In fact, the only Scindia he liked was Madhavrao’s late mother Vijayaraje Scindia. Vijayaraje, one of the seniormost BJP leaders, fully reciprocated Digvijaya Singh’s sentiments and often praised the Congress leader publicly, to utter chagrin of the late BJP leader Sunderlal Patwa.

At the farmers’ rally organised by Jyotiraditya in Lahar in Bhind district early this month, Digvijaya Singh left the party workers aghast when towards the close of his speech, he looked at Scindia and said: ‘go and fight BJP and Shivraj Singh Chouhan, NOT ME.’

Digvijaya Singh has reiterated that he is not interested in Madhya Pradesh politics. He will now undertake spiritual parikrama of river Narmada from October 1. It may take several months to go round the river on foot.

Interestingly, Rubina Sharma Singh, wife of Digvijaya Singh’s younger brother Lakshman Singh, has pleaded for Scindia. In a Facebook post she says: ‘Jyotiraditya Scindia is making a great effort to resurrect the Congress Party here in Madhya Pradesh. Now, the rest of the Party leaders need to genuinely support him and stop this ego tussle they have with him.’ A similar appeal was made by Digvijaya Singh’s son Jaivardhan Singh (who is Congress MLA) at Scindia’s Bhopal Satyagraha in early June.

The BJP leaders, too, have concentrated their attacks on Scindia. To which level they can go to malign Scindia is shown by an incident. A trauma centre was to be inaugurated by Scindia in Ashoknagar in his Lok Sabha constituency where local BJP MLA Gopinath Jatav, a Dalit, was also invited. Jatav, however, pre-empted it and inaugurated it a day earlier. Congress leader and Scindia’s representative Amit Tavre promptly issued a statement that the trauma centre had been contaminated by the touch of a Dalit and would be washed with gangajal. The Congress leaders were stunned by this unauthorised statement. District Congress Committee president Gajram Singh Yadav promptly expelled Tavre from the party for six years. Scindia removed him from the responsibilities of his representative.

BJP leaders denounced Scindia’s feudal attitude and his prejudice against Dalits. On a directive from State BJP president Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan, the BJP workers burnt effigies of Scindia at district headquarters all over the State on July 24.  

Never heard before that criminal proceedings can be started against a serving Governor but it has happened in Madhya Pradesh. Governor Ram Naresh Yadav is now on the run following institution of criminal proceedings against him for his alleged involvement in what has come to be known as the Professional Examinations Board (PEB) scam. Curiously, the Congress party, too, has turned against Yadav, himself a Congress leader and appointed to Bhopal Raj Bhavan by the Congress-led UPA government — and the BJP is defending him. When the Governor rose to read his customary address at the start of the budget session of the State Assembly on February 18, the Congress members walked out seeking resignation of the Governor (as well as that of chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan). The Governor read out the first and last para of the address to the treasury benches and sat down.
Yadav had forfeited the confidence of the State Congress leaders when he adroitly scuttled a discussion on the Congress-sponsored motion of no-confidence in the Chouhan government on the eve of the November 2013 Assembly elections. The distraught Congress, however, could not decide how to react to the Governor’s unexpected move. When the name of a trusted lieutenant of the Governor appeared a year later in connection with what has come to be known as the PEB (Professional Examinations Board) recruitment scam, a feeble appeal was made by some Congress leaders to Yadav to resign on moral grounds.
The alleged involvement of Yadav’s son, Shailesh Yadav, seems to have landed the Governor in a real soup and also emboldened and united the disparate Congress in the State. The Special Task Force (STF) which is probing the PEB scam has made Shailesh Yadav an accused in the teachers’ recruitment scam. The summons issued by the STF were returned by the Raj Bhavan with the remark that Shailesh did not reside there. An STF team was headed for Uttar Pradesh to apprehend Shailesh. Now the Special Task Force (STF) constituted to probe the PEB scam must have found some clinching evidence to proceed against the Governor himself.
At the same time, chief minister Chouhan is also finding himself in greater trouble. His position has been made untenable by a sworn affidavit submitted by AICC general secretary and former Congress chief minister Digvijaya Singh to High Court-appointed Special Investigation Team (SIT), headed by a former judge, alleging tampering of evidence by the STF to save the chief minister. Singh later released at a press conference the copy of his affidavit along with the documents he had submitted to the SIT.
In a rare show of unity in the Madhya Pradesh Congress, Digvijaya Singh was accompanied at the press conference by former Union ministers Kamal Nath and Jyotiraditya Scindia, PCC president Arun Yadav and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Satyadev Katare. Eminent advocate K T S Tulsi was also present. The affidavit says at the end: “vetted and settled by Sh. Kapil Sibal, Senior Advocate”.
According to Digvijaya Singh’s affidavit, the “CM” was deleted and other names were typed 47 times in the computer to show that the illegalities were committed not on instructions of the chief minister but on the instructions of others. At a few places “CM” was replaced by “Uma Bharti” also. He says: “as per law it is mandatory to maintain a record of ‘chain of custody’ of electronic evidence, which encapsulates the persons who handled the specimen/evidence at time of seizure, what was collected, why it was collected, at what time it was handed over to next person for safe custody, to whom it was handed over, and for how long it remained in custody of various officials. The charge-sheet is silent on handling of records from local police, Indore, to Crime Branch, Indore and STF”.

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