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Women become Sadhvis at young age generally because of traumatised childhood and multiple frustrations. It has nothing to do with renunciation of the worldly things or the desire to lead an ascetic life. The people’s psyche is such in this country that they start bowing before anyone who wears saffron or white clothes and prefixes his/her name with Sadhu or Sadhvi. More crafty of them gather around them a crowd of semi-educated people, some of them with criminal bent of mind. Then they pick up some religiously emotive subject and embark upon a crusade. If there is a government sympathetic to their cause, they become literally outlaws.

Sadhvi Kamal of Rajasthan equates with Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad the killers of Pehlu Khan of Alwar who was lynched by a mob of ruffians for transporting cows by declaring him a cow smuggler though he had told them that he had purchased the cows from a cattle fair in Haryana for milk and had shown them the receipts. Now what does this little known 39-year-old woman know about Bhagat Singh or Chandra Shekhar Azad or their work, or about the freedom struggle for that matter? She was said to have become Sadhvi at the age of 12 and needs specialised psychiatric treatment.

Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti, who divides Indian society between Ramzadas and Haramzadas (Ram’s sons and bastards), is another shining example of mental depravity. That Prime Minister Narendra Modi has chosen her to include in his council of ministers speaks volumes about the mindset of the political leadership.

Most of the Sadhvis are ill-educated, boorish and possess a dirty tongue (perhaps dirty mind also). They (as well as their male counterparts) pose a greater threat to the country and its culture than misguided terrorists.

The following editorial in The New York Times gives a timely warning to Prime Minister Narendra Modi against frittering away his electoral gains:



Since he was elected in 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India has played a cagey game, appeasing his party’s hard-line Hindu base while promoting secular goals of development and economic growth. Despite worrying signs that he was willing to humor Hindu extremists, Mr. Modi refrained from overtly approving violence against the nation’s Muslim minority.

On Sunday, Mr. Modi revealed his hand. Emboldened by a landslide victory in recent elections in India’s largest state, Uttar Pradesh, his party named a firebrand Hindu cleric, Yogi Adityanath, as the state’s leader. The move is a shocking rebuke to religious minorities, and a sign that cold political calculations ahead of national elections in 2019 have led Mr. Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party to believe that nothing stands in the way of realizing its long-held dream of transforming a secular republic into a Hindu state.

Mr. Adityanath has made a political career of demonizing Muslims, thundering against such imaginary plots as “love jihad”: the notion that Muslim men connive to water down the overwhelming Hindu majority by seducing Hindu women. He defended a Hindu mob that murdered a Muslim man in 2015 on the suspicion that his family was eating beef, and said Muslims who balked at performing a yoga salutation to the sun should “drown themselves in the sea.”

Uttar Pradesh, home to more than 200 million people, badly needs development, not ideological showmanship. The state has the highest infant mortality rate in the country. Nearly half of its children are stunted. Educational outcomes are dismal. Youth unemployment is high.

Mr. Adityanath has sounded the right notes, saying, “My government will be for everyone, not specifically for any caste or community,” and promising to make Uttar Pradesh “the dreamland” of Mr. Modi’s development model.

But the appointment shows that Mr. Modi sees no contradiction between economic development and a muscular Hindu nationalism that feeds on stoking anti-Muslim passions. Mr. Modi’s economic policies have delivered growth, but not jobs. India needs to generate a million new jobs every month to meet employment demand. Should Mr. Adityanath fail to deliver, there is every fear that he — and Mr. Modi’s party — will resort to deadly Muslim-baiting to stay in power, turning Mr. Modi’s dreamland into a nightmare for India’s minorities, and threatening the progress that Mr. Modi has promised to all of its citizens.

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Value of propaganda

Adolf Hitler believed in the use of propaganda as an integral element to seizing and holding on to political power. His maxim was 'the bigger the lie, the more easily it will be believed, provided it is repeated vigorously and often enough'. (Sean Murphy in his book 'Letting the Side Down')

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