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A constable will remain a constable, however dedicated!

Posted on: December 27, 2012

Subhash Tomar, Constable with Delhi police who died under controversial circumstances, represents what is wrong with the police force in India. Tomar was on duty at India Gate where the protest demonstrations against the brutal gang-rape of 23-year-old girl in a moving bus were going on. There he took ill and collapsed and later died in the hospital.

After his death the police got a post mortem examination report prepared saying that Tomar had myocardial infarction (cardiac arrest) and its complication that could be precipitated by ante mortem injuries to neck and chest produced by blunt force impact.

He was taken to Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital where Medical Superintendent Dr S Sidhu said that no major external injury marks were found on the body. He added that Tomar had already suffered a cardiac arrest before he was brought to the hospital. Two eyewitnesses, Yogendra and Paulene, have testified that they had seen Tamar collapse.

“Three to four constables were running after the crowd. Subhash Tomar was one of them. Suddenly he stopped and fell down. We went to pick him up and tried to talk to him but he didn’t answer,” Yogendra said. He is a student of journalism.

Paulene (a Physics (Hons) student at IGNOU) corroborated Yogendra’s account. “That policeman had fallen on his own and did not have any altercation with anyone. He was not hit by any stone and was not bleeding,” Paulene said. She added, “He was unconscious. I addressed him as ‘uncle’ and asked what had happened but he did not respond. We did not know what medical help to give him. We took off his jacket and opened his shirt buttons. Yogendra (another student) was with me and two cops had arrived by then. He was later taken to hospital.”

It appears that Subhash Tamar did have some heart problem. Why was he then put on duty where such militant protests were being held?

A graduate in arts, Subhash Tamar had joined the police as Constable in 1987. According to the police citation, he was a conscientious policeman and had earned 77 commendations. However, he continued to be a Constable till his death 25 years later, in spite of his honesty and good work. He was not given even a single promotion all these years! Apparently, the Delhi police does not look upon honesty and dedication to work as a virtue.


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