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This liquor shop in New Market of Bhopal is licensed to, hold your breath, not any mortal human being but to Goddess Peetambara Mata Whose magnificent temple at Datia is visited by devotees throughout the year. This is only one of a group of such shops in Bhopal licensed to the Deity.


As liquor supplied through these shops is supposed to be sanctified by the Goddess, the price is kept higher. The shops licensed to human beings in Bhopal also have to keep the prices at a higher level lest the owners should incur the wrath of the Goddess. Naturally, popular brands of liquor in Bhopal are the costliest in the whole of the country, costlier than even in other cities of Madhya Pradesh like Indore, Gwalior or Jabalpur.

The Goddess is very much pleased with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Liquor Minister Jayant Malaiya and regularly sends to them, through Her servants managing the shops, Her blessings in cash or in kind whenever they so desire. (The name of the licensee can be seen at the left side bottom on the sigh board — Photo by RK)


Madhya Pradesh finance and liquor minister Jayant Malaiya is one of the richest politicians of the State. He was travelling to Delhi along with his politician wife Sudha Malaiya, who is also a consummate danseuse and noted historian. They were travelling in the coupe of a First AC coach of the Jabalpur-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express.
In the wee hours of March 19, as the train was passing along Mathura district in Uttar Pradesh, a group of armed robbers entered their compartment and deprived them of their valuables including a diamond ring. Sudha Malaiya was later quoted by the media as having stated that the robbers had threatened to chop off her finger if she did not remove the costly ring and gave it to them. The Malaiyas lodged a complaint with the Railway Police on reaching Hazrat Nizamuddin.
Now there are always rumours galore when something unusual happens to some big person. Jayant Malaiya surely is a big person as is his wife Sudha Malaiya. And it is not usual for the Malaiyas to be robbed or even cheated, collectively or separately. So it was a perfect subject for the gossip mongers in Bhopal, and may be elsewhere also.
Some were wondering (that is a subtle way of spreading rumours) why one of the seniormost ministers of Madhya Pradesh was travelling by train; even lesser luminaries are known to fly. Since the query was made to start a discussion, soon the gossips were talking that the Minister was carrying a huge amount of money which could have been detected during scanning of baggage at the airport. In a train there was no such fear.
Once it was ‘established’ that the Minister was transporting money, the natural supplementary queries were how much and for whom. One felt that it was the regular money that the ruling party in Madhya Pradesh gives to BJP President Amit Shah for the party fund. An enterprising gossip ventured that it was a ‘special amount’ sent by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to keep Prime Minister Narendra Modi in good humour after the Prime Minister gave a patient hearing to the Congress leaders who were reported to have submitted ‘evidence’ of the involvement of Chouhan and his wife Sadhna Singh Chouhan in the stinking VYAPAM scam. The amount of the money that the Minister was carrying ranged between Rs one crore and five crore.
The most bizarre rumour doing the rounds in Bhopal is that the robbery was planned by the Minister himself. According to this set of cynics, the Minister was not sure that some one in Arvind Kejriwal’s Delhi would not do a sting operation when the Minister was seen carrying suitcase/s with so much money. So he conspired with a trusted courier service to ostensibly rob the train somewhere in Uttar Pradesh and carry his money-filled suitcase/s safely to Delhi by road.
A stroke of genius. Isn’t it? I mean on the part of the rumour monger.

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