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All’s not well, it seems, with Dilip Buildcon, the infrastructure firm of Dilip Suryavanshi. It had to slash the size of fresh issue of shares from the original one it had submitted to the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). It has once again approached SEBI to raise funds aggregating up to Rs 430 crore through an initial public offer (IPO) for various corporate requirements including ‘repayment of loans’.

In March last year the company had filed draft papers with SEBI for raising Rs 630 crore through IPO. What made the company withdraw the offer and resubmit it in a reduced size is not clear. According to market talk, the income-tax and Enforcement Directorate (ED) cases might be haunting Suryavanshi and his firm.

The Income Tax Department had raided the establishments of Suryavanshi and his associate Sudhir Sharma spread over various cities in 2012. Several trunks full of documents seized by the I-T party from the establishments of Suryavanshi reportedly contained official note sheets pertaining to the transfers of senior bureaucrats and files of sensitive construction projects. This, though, had not come as a surprise to those who had been keeping a watch on the functioning of the BJP government and the enigmatic relationship between chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Suryavanshi.

The I-T officers had also reportedly seized documents showing that Suryavanshi had received around Rs 140 crore from a foreign country. The matter was then handed over to Enforcement Directorate (ED) as it pertained to violation of foreign exchange regulation laws.

‘Mail Today’, a New Delhi newspaper, later quoted a senior ED official as saying that the case of Dilip Buildcon would be investigated ‘regarding the violations of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA)’. The official added, according to the daily, ‘The firm (Dilip Buildcon) has received the money from a firm based in South Africa’.


Soon after becoming chief minister of Madhya Pradesh for the first time, Shivraj Singh Chouhan had given a clear hint to the people of the State that he had come not to alleviate their sufferings but to gobble up their resources and cause them untold miseries. He had, of course, used mythological symbolism to convey his intentions. He should not be blamed if the people failed to understand what he was hinting at.
He had organised a two-day conclave of secretaries and Collectors in Bhopal ostensibly to learn from them the mantra of development and given it the name of Manthan. He had made it amply clear that he meant by Manthan the mythological Samudra-Manthan when he said that the emerging nectar (Amrit) would go to the public and the poison he would take himself.
The legend of the Samudra-Manthan is that the gods, having been thoroughly defeated and humiliated by the demons, repaired to Lord Vishnu to seek from him renewed vigour and the gift of immortality. Vishnu directed them to collect all plants and herbs of diverse kinds from every quarter and drop them into the ocean; then churn the ocean (Samudra-Manthan) by using Mandara Mountain as the churning stick and Vasuki serpent as the rope.
The Samudra Manthan yielded 14 items including a celestial cow, a white elephant, the goddess of wine, Apsaras (the nymphs), in addition, of course, to terrific poison and a pitcher of nectar which Dhanwantari (the gods’ physician) himself carried in his hands. Lord Vishnu had manoeuvred in such a manner that the nectar or Amrit had been distributed to the gods or Devtas while poison had gone to the lot of the Asuras or demons. By claiming that he would partake of the poison, Chouhan had clearly presented himself as the demon, intent upon destruction of an orderly life all around. He knew what he was saying because he always claims his scholarly knowledge of Hindu mythology.
To help him in his task of swallowing up resources of the State and making the life of the people miserable, he had chosen two worthy lieutenants, corruption-incarnate Prakash Prabhakar Naolekar as the Lokayukta and symbol of corruption Rakesh Sahni as the chief secretary. Outside the official circle, he had two trusted helpers in the discharge of his mission of looting the people, Dilip Suryavanshi and Sudhir Sharma, both controlling between the two of them the builder and mining mafias.

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