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Modi’s disservice to two women

Posted on: July 7, 2016

Narendra Modi has done great disservice to two women.

One is Jashodaben whom he married and abandoned. Conservatively brought up in an orthodox Hindu family, she had her own young dreams of settling in a family life. Suddenly, she found herself neither here nor there.

The other is Smriti Irani whom he lifted sky-high by placing her at the head of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) and then pushed her onto the ground. Actress-turned-politician, Irani was ill-equipped, intellectually as well as temperamentally, to deal with HRD Ministry, one of the few most important in the Government of India, where she was expected to interact with the renowned scholars and intellectuals and also to give a shape to the system of education which could take the country out of the quagmire of illiteracy and poverty and place it at par with the most advanced nations.

Irani could not do it because she did not have the education or the aptitude needed for the task. She, though, was able to create controversies which, however stupid, did keep her constantly under focus in the media. The important thing, however, from her point of view was that she had her ego inflated by simply being in charge of one of the most important Ministries.

Then all of a sudden, she found herself pushed to the Textile Ministry which, though it had its importance till a few decades ago, is no more a high-profile Ministry. Moreover, she may hardly get media attention which has become her staple diet from the days of her quasi-religious roles in the TV serials. She was feeling so deflated that new HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar had to spend some time with her in order to restore her sagging morale and prepare her to accept the charge of her new Ministry without a fuss. Perhaps what clinched the issue was the newly announced Rs 6,000 crore package for the Textile Ministry. But the injury to her psyche by this supposed demotion is unlikely to be cured permanently by this palliative of Rs 6,000 crore package.

Here is a true story of a young man who had felt so demoralised in a similar situation that he was unable to cope with the new situation. In a newspaper establishment, there was a young reporter who had no experience of reporting complex political matters. The chief reporter assigned this young reporter to cover the Assembly proceedings just to spite the senior reporter who had been covering the Assembly for some years. The reason was that the chief reporter, who had dictatorial tendencies, got displeased with the senior Assembly reporter for some personal reasons and decided to humiliate him in this manner.

The young reporter, as could be expected, made a mess of the Assembly coverage. The chief reporter would mostly write the stories with the help of the agency reports. On the whole, the reporting of the Assembly proceedings became drab and the important stories were missed. After the session of the Assembly was over, the chief reporter took the young reporter off the Assembly coverage and assigned him to cover the Municipal Corporation.

The young reporter’s ego was badly hurt. From Assembly reporter to Corporation reporter? He started brooding. His senior colleagues tried to make him accept that this wall all part of life. But he was so demoralised that after being in the sulk for a couple of weeks, he resigned from the newspaper.


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