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RSS shocker to Chouhan

Posted on: April 30, 2016

Recall of Madhya Pradesh BJP general secretary (Organisation) Arvind Menon by the RSS is considered a setback to chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan as the two had developed quite a cosy relationship over the years. In his place has come Prant Pracharak of Madhya Bharat Suhas Bhagat, a low-profile hard-core full-time RSS activist. Bhagat’s name had now and then figured among those RSS leaders who were reported to have conveyed to the RSS high command that all was not well with Chouhan’s way of governance, particularly on the corruption front. The Chouhan camp thus gets the two-pronged shock – transfer of Menon and appointment of Bhagat in his place.

General Secretary (Organisation) is a senior RSS activist lent by the parent organisation to BJP. He is mainly responsible for keeping a check on the workings of the party organisation and the government (if it is a BJP government) and act as a link between the State and the RSS high command. Arvind Menon was sent on this position around six years ago.

Those deputed by the RSS to the BJP had mostly been working behind the scene, rarely attracting the people’s attention to themselves. Things, however, changed with BJP becoming the ruling party.  Having spent their whole life in the RSS in utter starvation (in every sense of the word), few of them could resist the temptations suddenly before them and theirs just for asking. From humble Swayamsevaks, they found themselves in the role of dictating to the party organisation and the chief minister. They become arrogant. Besides, allegations of making money and indulging in carnal pleasures have also been made against quite a few of them.

If Arvind Menon was subjected to more tales of unsavoury nature than his predecessors, it was because Chouhan, his protégé and protector, had become more audacious in his second term as chief minister, the police had become more tractable and the judiciary more submissive. A woman made a complaint of sexual harassment against Menon on a stamped paper to the State Human Rights Commission which forwarded it to the police for investigation. The police in such complaints from undesirable elements takes its own time in making the inquiries. By the time it decided to question the stamp vendor if she had really purchased the stamped paper from him, the stamp vendor had died. How could the police proceed without recording the statement of the stamp vendor? The file had to be closed.

Menon had acquired such a clout in the past few years that many in the party and the government had started fearing him. He, though, had become like a shield for Chouhan facing numerous allegations of corruption. The decision to pull Menon out of Madhya Pradesh was said to have been taken by the RSS leadership about a month ago. Chouhan had of late been making frequent trips to Nagpur and the grapevine has it that he was trying to persuade the RSS chief to allow Menon to continue in Madhya Pradesh. He, though, did not succeed.

Menon’s removal from Madhya Pradesh against Chouhan’s wishes shows that the RSS had found Chouhan wanting in something vital and Menon had failed to make Chouhan mend his ways. 


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