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Musings on Bihar outcome

Posted on: November 9, 2015

A major cause, among various others, of BJP’s humiliating performance in the Bihar Assembly elections may be Amit Shah’s inability to enroll fake voters in large numbers as he was believed to have done in Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency from where Narendra Modi had announced his decision to contest. Later the attempt to rig the Delhi Assembly polls was thwarted by the vigilant Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leadership.

Modi was elected from Varanasi in 2014 with a margin of three lakh and odd votes. When the Election Commission later undertook the task of revision of electoral rolls in Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, over six lakh forgeries in the electoral rolls were discovered.

Perhaps sensing the manipulations in Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency, AAP and Congress Party leaders complained to the Election Commission about the bogus entries in the voters’ lists before the Delhi Assembly elections but the Election Commission did not pay attention to their complaints. The matter was then raised before the Delhi High Court which pulled up the Election Commission and asked it what action it had taken on the allegation about the presence of a large number of bogus voters in various Assembly constituencies of the national capital.

Only then the Election Commission made a move and detected over 1.2 lakh bogus voters in the electoral lists of Delhi. Narendra Modi’s party, which had done ‘so well’ in the ok Sabha elections only a few months earlier, suffered the worst ever imaginable defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections.

The atmosphere of insecurity among the minorities created on the eve of the Bihar Assembly elections might also have alienated a large sections of the peace-loving people of all castes and creeds from the BJP. The abusive language used by several BJP leaders, most notably by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah also militated against the chances of the BJP. To say that those who would vote against the BJP would be trying to please Pakistan betrayed only mental sickness of BJP president Amit Shah.

An offshoot of the Bihar Assembly elections is the new lease of political life given to discredited Lalu Prasad Yadav by the most absurdly handled poll campaign by the BJP leaders. The alliance of Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav turned out to be a deadly combination for the BJP leaders to handle. Soft-spoken Nitish Kumar enjoys the confidence of the majority of the people for his simplicity and his zeal to do something for the common man. He could not be expected to stand up to Narendra Modi’s mostly irrelevant jibes. It was left to Lalu to reply to Modi in his own boorish language which the Yadav leader did brilliantly.


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Really an eye opener.


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