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Bhagwat’s bloodsucking nonsense

Posted on: October 26, 2015

The very idea of some one drinking cow’s blood is nauseous. It defies imagination how a seemingly sane person like RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat can even think of it to make the point that Kenyan cow-blood-drinkers don’t kill the cow.

Bhagwat, who is a veterinary doctor by training, did not stop at a casual mention of it but gave the gory details at a function in Nagpur. He said that the Kenyan people insert a tube made of bamboo in the jugular vein of the cow and suck the blood. They, however, ensure that while blood is sucked, the cow does not die because of it. They don’t kill the cow or eat its meat, he added.

Bloodsucking is associated with mythological or fictional creatures, generally considered enemy of civilised human beings. The Hindu mythology has Barahma-Rakshas and certain types of Prets who survive on human blood. Vetala is also considered a blood-drinking creature.

The Western World, particularly the United States, has its vampire who is always in search of its victim. A whole literature about vampire has flourished in America. Vampire belongs to both sexes. Whenever a vampire gets his/her victim, he/she goes to the victim’s jugular vein (described by Bhagwat) to suck the victim’s blood.

During situations like famine, according to Bhagwat, cow’s blood sustains Kenyans. One prays that he does direct Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan to take recourse to this remedy to tackle the chronic malnutrition among children in the State. Malnourishment among children below the age of five is rampant in Madhya Pradesh.


1 Response to "Bhagwat’s bloodsucking nonsense"

Drinking of blood whether of man or of animal is a barbaric practice. How can a devout Hindu even talk of it without feeling disgusted!


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