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Enigma called Digvijaya Singh

Posted on: January 30, 2014

Digvijaya Singh does not show hurt easily. Nor does he have a bloated ego. That does not mean that he is modest or forgiving to his opponents in politics. Only he waits till the time to get even has arrived. And, one has to admit, he has an uncanny sense of timing. Remember the instances of Satyavrata Chaturvedi, Subhash Yadav, Jamuna Devi or Hazarilal Raghuvanshi? At one time or other, they wanted to tear him apart. They were at their most vulnerable when the blow came. Sorrowfully, Subhash and Jamuna Devi are no more.

Even late Arjun Singh had found himself helpless before Digvijaya Singh’s machinations. At one stage, the exasperated Arjun Singh had described Digvijaya Singh as the ‘Supreme Artist’ and, coming from Arjun Singh’s mouth that was something.

One can imagine Digvijaya Singh’s discomfiture when Arun Yadav was named Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee president by the party high command apparently without taking the approval of Digvijaya Singh. The former chief minister was never known to have liked Arun Yadav and was even said to have been instrumental in getting Yadav removed from the Union Council of Ministers. That Arun was not Digvijaya Singh’s man was bad enough. He compounded his guilt by trying to assert his authority as PCC chief.

Jagdish Yadav, PCC secretary and a friend of Arun Yadav, described as inauspicious the name of Digvijaya Singh. He was promptly suspended, which gave a clear message to the party workers that new PCC chief Arun Yadav would not tolerate ‘indiscipline’ by any party leader or worker. However, before the day was out, Digvijaya Singh called Arun Yadav (and also made it public) that suspension of Jagdish Yadav should be revoked as he (Jagdish Yadav) was a dedicated Congressman. Many
Congressmen were surprised to know Digvijaya Singh’s latest views about Jagdish Yadav because he was never known to have liked Jagdish Yadav or any Yadav leader for that matter.

Next on Digvijaya Singh’s radar is Congress Member of Lok Sabha Sajjan Singh Verma who described Digvijaya Singh’s candidature for Rajya Sabha as a reward for sabotaging the Congress party’s prospects in the recently held Assembly elections. Digvijaya Singh’s initial reaction to such invectives is that he is the punching bag. The blow is expected to come when Verma will least expect it.


1 Response to "Enigma called Digvijaya Singh"

i appreciate your candid views about Digvijay Singh.
Your blog makes interesting reading.
Maj Pradeep Khare


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