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Kargil Vijay Divas! Really?

Posted on: July 26, 2013

Today (July 26) is the Vijay Divas!

It was the sheer audacity of the BJP-led NDA government to turn its ignominious incompetence in Kargil into an achievement and celebrate it as a victory.

Jammu and Kashmir is virtually under the control of the army and the BSF. All the intelligence agencies, the RAW, the IB, the Military Intelligence and the BSF Intelligence (in addition to the agencies of the State government) are active there. These were controlled by Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee, Defence Minister George Fernandes and Home Minister Lal Krishna Advani. On the top of all these, there was the National Security Council, which was directly under Vajpayee. Still, the Pakistanis were able to penetrate deep into Jammu and Kashmir, build concrete bunkers, store arms and ammunition and open up supply lines.

Eventually when it came to be known, from a shepherd through a local newspaper, the Vajpayee government sacrificed hundreds of the finest officers and jawans of the country and the ammunition worth hundreds of crores of rupees to cover up the combined failure of the PMO, the NSA, the Defence Ministry and the Home Ministry and called it the nation’s “Vijay” (victory). The gullible people of the county swallowed it. The Opposition, led by Quattrocchi-obsessed Sonia Gandhi, remained moribund (or was compromised). The culprits of the Kargil disaster still continue to celebrate the “Vijay Divas” (victory day).

Still worse, the Pakistani terrorists continued to occupy about 100 square kilometres of Indian territory, 35 km inside the Line of Control around Hilkaka in Jammu and Kashmir, while Vajpayee, Advani and Fernandes remained unaware of it.


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