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Musings on Bastar situation

Posted on: May 31, 2013

The Naxalites attacked a Congress convoy near Darbha village of Bastar region in Chhattisgarh on May 25, killing over two dozen Congress leaders and workers and injuring many more. This was the biggest and boldest attack by the Naxalites in recent times.


Now there will be furious retaliation by the security forces. Many Naxalites will be killed. Because of the topography of the area, the number of the civilians (tribals) killed will be much more. This will lead to renewed resentment. Hordes of the bereaved, deprived and unemployed youth will be driven by hunger and anger to join the Naxalite bands. The cycle will start again. Killing of the last Naxalite may not solve the problem. Killing of the last tribal may.


Naxalism can be checked only by putting an end to exploitation of tribals by police and forest personnel.


Police force was created by the British in 1860 not to protect the people but to protect those in power and ruthlessly oppress the people. The same pattern continues.


A Bastar SP booked a journalist as a Naxalite. Later he admitted in court that he had done so because then BJP chief minister Sunderlal Patwa was annoyed with the journalist’s reports. Because of his qualities of putting innocent but inconvenient persons behind the bar, the IPS officer became a darling of Congress chief minister Digvijay Singh also.


Acts like jail, externment of Madhuriben (Madhuri Krishnaswamy) for demanding full and timely wages for MNREGA workers helps Naxalism grow.


Politicians, IAS officers and revenue officers joined hands to deprive
by fraudulent means the tribals of Bastar region of their lands with precious,
centuries-old trees standing on them. The loot continued for several decades.
On directions of Supreme Court, an experts committee catalogued some 800 cases with the nature of the crime and the names and roles of perpetrators in each case. Supreme Court asked Madhya Pradesh government (Chhattisgarh was then part of Madhya Pradesh) to proceed against them. Now CAN YOU BELIEVE the Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh, on instructions of the chief minister, submitted an affidavit in Supreme Court saying that his government could not take action against them. The matter was then entrusted by Supreme Court to CBI. After registering some FIRs, the CBI investigators opted for enriching themselves instead of trying to send VIP criminals to jail. The Supreme Court also forgot all about it.


Did Central ministers ever try to find out what happens to the money released for tribal welfare under tribal sub-plans?


They join hands and pass law in a single day when their own interests are involved. For people, laws are kept pending for years and years and years.


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