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Vegetarian Chauhan to promote fish consumption

Posted on: October 11, 2011

Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s government has decided to promote production, marketing and consumption of fish, as it had earlier promoted the production and consumption of meat, eggs and chicken.
That, though, is in sharp contrast to the chief minister’s personal philosophy of strict vegetarianism. His obsession with vegetarianism can be estimated from his decision to take the vegetarian victuals from home for his ten-day visit to China. Apparently, he did not trust the Chinese.
It was decided at a recent cabinet meeting that ‘mahaseer’ (a local fish) would be declared as the ‘State fish’ and its conservation and marketing would be promoted. An amount of Rs 15 crore was earmarked for the purpose.
The cabinet decided to develop ‘peripheral model’ for boosting fish production in the State and 57 ponds had been identified for the purpose. The government would also develop ‘fish markets’.
Soon after coming to power, the BJP had taken a great interest in meat production which has more than doubled during the party’s rule; ditto for poultry.


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Very interesting points you have observed, thanks for posting.


Your point is valuable. Thanks!


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