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Senseless and ignominious!

Posted on: June 6, 2011

Mainly three things contributed to the meteoric rise of the semi-educated megalomaniac, Baba Ramdev: his expertise in the yogic exercises, his claim that his medicines can cure difficult and chronic diseases and his saffron robes. The Indian society, particularly the middle and lower middle classes, suspends its critical faculty in the presence of anything resembling gods or god men. The massive propaganda backed by the RSS elevated Ramdev to the status of a saviour.
The BJP governments in the country helped the Yadav from Haryana build up his business empire: his products being organisation of yogic camps for fat fees and heavily priced Ayurvedic medicines. Reports occasionally appeared in newspapers that some products, like honey, purchased from the authorised shops were found to be spurious and complaints were made to the authorities. It was never reported how the authorities disposed of the complaints. The Congress-led UPA government, too, had never had a peep into the rapidly expanding empire of Ramdev.

Baba Ramdev with Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and his wife Sadhna Singh Chauhan in Betul in May 2011

However, Ramdev’s popularity had of late started sliding down. The people had started finding that his medicines, though costly, were not as effective in certain illnesses as he had claimed. Some had started wondering about his ever-increasing greed for money and real estate. The yogic exercises, however, continued to be his strong point but it was not sufficient to keep him at the acme of popularity.
Realising this, he started exploring other avenues to keep himself in the limelight. Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption came handy. But he had neither experience nor the honesty of purpose of Anna Hazare nor would Anna Hazare keep him in his inner circle. So, after a while he announced his own programme to undertake a fast against corruption and black money.
Hardly any right-thinking Indian was taking him seriously, more so in view of the ridiculous demands he had put forward. Only nincompoops can think that the black money can be abolished by simply issuing an ordinance or Manmohan Singh has the authority to issue a notification that the next Prime Minister will be elected directly (like the President in America). His movement was bound to fizzle out before it had even taken off.
But a panic-stricken Manmohan Singh government behaved in the most irrational and stupid way by deputing its seniormost ministers to accord a royal treatment to the Baba. Manmohan Singh has a bureaucratic mind and Kapil Sibbal is a novice in politics. But Pranab Mukherjee is seasoned politician. How did he stoop so low as to kowtow to a wily businessman is beyond one’s comprehension? All these ministers and the cabinet secretary have only brought shame to the nation by their behaviour. Or the mere talk of black money unnerves them? One wonders if there is a substance in Subramanian Swamy’s allegation that Sonia Gandhi has stashed away Rs one lakh crore in foreign banks.
Having behaved in this abject manner, the Manmohan Singh government unleashes the criminals in uniform at midnight to forcibly evict Baba Ramdev and his supporters from the Ramlila Maidan. Another slur on the Manmohan Singh government! One should not be surprised the policemen use brutal force at the slightest pretext in this country — because the police force is not Indian, it is the creation of the British Act of 1861.


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