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Chauhan tormented by horrible imaginings

Posted on: July 26, 2010

The possibility of Uma Bharati’s return to the BJP has, to quote from the nervous Macbeth’s soliloquy, “unfixed” Shivraj Singh Chauhan’s “hair” and made his seated heart knock at his ribs because the “present fears are less than horrible imaginings”.
Chauhan is showing symptoms of paranoia, claiming that the mafia and moneyed persons of the State are hatching a conspiracy and collecting huge funds to get him removed from the post of chief minister; some party activists are also involved in that. The congenital glib talker has lost the smoothness of his tongue and cries out that no one born of a woman’s womb can make him fret.
As is often the case with those suffering from paranoia, Chauhan has lost the faculty to connect what he says with what its implications are. How will the funds that he says are being collected for his removal be used to achieve the goal? For paying off to the BJP MLAs? That will obviously not be enough because the MLAs in a party like the BJP cannot change the leader of the Legislature Party without the approval of the party high command. Had the party MLAs been given the power to decide, Chauhan would not have been sworn in as chief minister in November 2005.
It is only the party leaders at the top who can take a decision to change the chief minister. Does Chauhan mean that the huge amounts are being collected to bribe Nitin Gadkari, Lal Krishna Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Ananth Kumar, Venkaiah Naidu, Arun Jaitley and others constituting the BJP high command to make them replace Chauhan with someone else as the chief minister? An outsider is not in a position to say if the BJP’s top leaders always take major decisions for money. Chauhan is part of the inner circles of the party leadership and knows better. If he has, in his present mental state, involuntarily revealed the truth about the working of the party high command, it does not augur well for democracy in the country.
For the present, Chauhan has created some problems for himself. Veteran party leader Sunderlal Patwa observed that Chauhan must be having some basis for saying so and he should come out with the identity of all those who are part of the conspiracy. State BJP president Prabhat Jha expressed his determination to expel all such elements from the party. Chauhan, though, did not realise the gravity of his statement till the Congress moved an adjournment motion in the Assembly as the party felt that a threat to the chief minister’s continuation had created instability in the government and amounted to a constitutional crisis in the State.
Adjournment Motion
Speaking on the admissibility of the motion, Chauhan denied having said that huge funds were being collected for his removal and blamed the media for distorting his statement. He even offered to present the CD containing his observations. His party leaders, apparently still dazed with the chief minister’s conspiracy statement, were at a loss to come up with a plausible defence of Chauhan. A minister said that the time of the House was being wasted on the figment of imagination of the Opposition while another minister said that the Congress should have better discussed in the House who had allowed Warren Anderson to fly away after the gas leak disaster.
Chaudhary Rakesh Singh, who is acting as the Leader of Opposition in the absence of the ailing Jamuna Devi, convincingly nailed Chauhan’s lie about distortion by the media. He said that the chief minister had made the observation in Shivpuri district on Sunday and Monday’s newspapers in the State had published the news with screaming headlines. The chief minister did not come out with a rebuttal or clarification on Monday or the day after or even on the third day; now when a motion of adjournment had been moved in the Assembly was he claiming that his observations had been distorted by the media. Singh had a dig at the chief minister when he asked Chauhan to show courage and reveal the names of conspirators and not be afraid of his neighbours sitting around him on the treasury benches.
Member after member from the Opposition benches called upon the chief minister to disclose the names of all conspirators who were trying to destabilise the present government. Rakesh Singh even cited Sunderlal Patwa as having demanded that Chauhan should make the names of all such people public. Chauhan, in his reply, only behaved unlike himself; shouting irrelevancies like “koi mai ka laal paida nahin hua jis se Shivraj Singh Chauhan dar jaye”
Rivalry in a ruling party is not something unusual. The BJP in Madhya Pradesh has its own quota. Babulal Gaur is still nursing the grudge that he was made to step down as chief minister five years ago without any reason. Kailash Vijayvargiya always felt that he could have made a much better chief minister than Chauhan. Anoop Mishra, too, had the ambition of becoming the chief minister one day. (Chauhan suddenly discovered that Mishra was the only “tainted” minister in his cabinet and removed him unceremoniously.) All of them have been there in the party all the time and no one can say that they had not been active. However, Chauhan had never behaved as he is doing now.
Chauhan’s psychosis is said to be related to the possibility of Uma Bharati’s return. There are rumours in the BJP circles that Uma has agreed to keep herself confined to Uttar Pradesh, Bihar or any other State and not even look towards Madhya Pradesh, her only condition being that Chauhan should cease to be the chief minister. Even if she has not laid down such a condition in so many words, her return to the BJP is bound to make Chauhan uncomfortable in his present position, according to a senior BJP leader, himself in the queue for the top post.


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Normally I don’t read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up forced me to try and do so! Thanks, quite nice post.


Very interesting topic, appreciate it for posting.


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