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Uma hugs Krishna, makes up with Gaur

Posted on: May 14, 2010

Uma Bharati has mellowed down beyond recognition. Maybe on the advice of her mentors like Lal Krishna Advani, who is trying hard to make her agreeable to the victims of her foul tongue in the BJP. And the number of such persons is legion. Of late she has not been speaking in public much and whenever she does, she carefully avoids saying anything that may land her into a fresh controversy. In Madhya Pradesh she has annoyed none other more than chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and his predecessor Babulal Gaur.
How Advani manoeuvred Uma’s reconciliation with Gaur gives an idea of Advani’s tactics and the Sadhvi’s desperation. Gaur and his daughter-in-law Krishna Gaur (who is also Mayor of Bhopal Municipal Corporation) were returning from Haridwar after holy bath during the Kumbh. They stopped over in Delhi to meet party leaders and had an appointment with Advani for 6 pm.
Unknown to the Gaurs, Advani had called Uma Bharati to his residence a bit earlier. When the Gaurs reached Advani’s place at the appointed time, they were told by an aide that Advaniji was waiting for them.
As the two entered the room, they were flabbergasted to see Uma Bharati sitting with Advani. They tried to retreat, but the Sadhvi virtually pounced on Krishna Gaur, hugged her affectionately and gave her ashirvaad (blessings) for her success as Bhopal Mayor. Then she greeted Gaur with the utmost politeness and told Advani that Gaur had always been kind and considerate to her. Before the Gaurs could recover from this unexpected turn of events, the Sadhvi was out of the room.
The relations between Uma Bharati and Gaur had reached a nadir even before the Sadhvi had invited her expulsion from the party. A campaign of calumny was launched by a section of media considered close to Uma Bharati against Gaur when he was the chief minister. She was herself not sparing. She would narrate before media persons “off the record” the real or imaginary sins of the septuagenarian chief minister and also pronounce which of the naraks (hells) he was destined to. She once told a gathering at Bhopal’s Ravindra Bhavan (in the guise of delivering a religious discourse) that a “durachari and vyabhichari person should not be allowed to remain chief minister” and ”whoever cast an evil eye on his daughter-in-law or sister-in-law should be butchered forthwith in the cause of justice and piety”. Gaur, though, never sank to that level but had never allowed an opportunity to go by without making an acerbic remark about the Sadhvi.
Chauhan had for long been Uma Bharati’s Man Friday in the organisation and owes much to the Sadhvi for a climb up the political ladder. He did not have the courage to publicly comment about what the Sadhvi had been saying about him but had been outpouring his anguish before his trusted friends. Now he is said to have been told to mentally prepare himself for the return of the Sadhvi to the party.


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